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Here we go.

This is yet another attempt for me to create a website that means something. I’ve had many terrible websites over the years. Geocities pages, self-hosted sites on old Compaq Proliant “freebie” servers, etc.

Like my about page says, I want to start giving back to the Internet community while at the same time have an outlet for my thoughts as I enter the world of fatherhood.

So, things I am interested in at this point? Let’s see what this WordPress editor can do!


  • VMware Horizon – RDSH and VDI
  • VMware infrastructure technologies
  • PowerShell / Batch / VBS scripting (while I love me some PowerShell my default is still batch)
  • Generally trying to make the end-user community happy.

Home (look at me go with cool italics and bolds – yayayayaaay)

  • Being the generalist handy-man around the house (duct-tape is the handy man’s secret weapon)
  • Becoming a Father (soon)
  • Cooking and grilling (I make a pretty bad-ass smoked brisket – possibly another blog-post)
  • I feel like there should be another point here. Just stretching my editing muscle right now.

I don’t expect much traffic at all – but if one person…even one finds some useful post here I have done my job. The Internet has provided me with so much information and growth over the last few years, it’s time I try (go me w/italics) to give back.

Much love all,